Before visiting Nepal Friend Society I was curious about the activities they are performing. After a three weeks stay with NFS I have been convinced that they play an important role in the community and municipality. NFS coordinate and organize important support by volunteers to schools as well as hands on activities by running sanitation activities and teaching children at a Learning Center. NFS has also started a branch about child and youth democracy which also includes HIV prevention.


By the involvement in different activities they achieve a broad perspective about the society and understanding of exclusions-/inclusion processes. NFS has for sure a holistic perspective and their approach goes very well with theories of community work/development. This means encouragement and support of underprivileged people and groups to achieve knowledge and skills to make a change of life.

One of NFS´main activities is to provide schools with volunteers to teach in governmental schools. The learners in these schools come from disadvantageous lower caste families. The volunteers teaching in these schools are a good example of providing vulnerable children education with an international touch. This goes well with ambitions of human rights and equality.

The volunteers will also impact the teachers and the pedagogy at the schools. I got a chance to introduce a method called Story-Telling.

I was impressed by what I saw during a period of three weeks. Well done NFS, go on develop and elaborate the job of democracy and human rights.