Solid waste management is one of the biggest issues in urban areas of Nepal. According to a survey done by Nepal's Central Bureau of Statistics, most urban residents consider solid waste management as the most important environmental problem in Nepal’s urban areas. The government has set up policies and mechanisms to address this issue, including organizing household waste pickup and setting up community dustbins. Yet, these initiatives do not provide adequate waste management services. Realizing the need to supplement current efforts by the local government and other non-governmental organizations, let’s Do it world initiated world cleanup on 15sep. 2018 in 150 countries. The campaign encourages stakeholders to hold local cleanup events that aim to stimulate positive behavioral change in the handling and disposal of waste.

Let’s Do it Nepal: aims to inspire and empower local communities, community groups, educational institutions, businesses, and local governments to join the cleanup movement in order to address local environmental issues in a simple and visible way.

Where- Chitwan,Nepal

When- 24th November 2017

Venue- Hotel Garden Resort ,Bharatpur-10,Chitwan,Nepal.

For participation and Collaboration- [email protected]