We need volunteers to join Children, Youth and Women Empowerment Program to inspire and persuade Nepal’s youth.  Connect them in community development or give them vital social and professional skills; you will help to bring positive change to their lives and to that of their community by participating in youth volunteer program.

Working in Children, Youth and Women Empowerment Program like Children and Youth Organization and Life SkillsEnglish and Career Development and other vocational courses, you too will become a part of the community.  You will live with a Nepali host family, helping and sharing your skill to the youth for better change in within their community.


Women Empowerment volunteering is concerned with over all development of women. In most of the developing countries women are suppressed by various ways. Women are treated and dominated mistakenly by their male counterpart. Women empowerment volunteering aims to eradicate all kinds of discrimination against women by conducting different projects which support to women make stronger. So, women empowerment volunteering deals with conducting income generating training to the women, giving basic education to the women, conducting awareness programs about women’s rights and support for Non-violence against woman.

Rehabilitation package for women are as follows:

Computer training for a poor, youth girl.

Vocational training program in tailoring for women.

Distribute sewing machine to women in rural part of country.

Skill development seminar for woman.

Conduct woman awareness activities in women right in the society.