Background and Objectives

Urban and Rural areas in Nepal have been and will continue to be the problem of gender based and cast system discrimination .Nepal has been suffered political conflicts as well as social problems like difference between rich and poor people.

This Project seeks to respond to the needs of the communities’ children, youth and their role for Peace building. It also aims to create conditions which will contribute to peace and stability.



The main activities include:

* Organize peace building activities in local community.
* Celebrate International Peace day every year 21 September.
* Organize Compassion Games for kindness, unity, inclusion and Friendship.
* Lead the Legislate Peace Campaign at schools, colleges and communities.
* Promote and support schools as a peace zone.
* Preparing Community Action Plans and organize Play for peace events.
* Promote sustainable peace. Inner peace+ out peace= Peace

We use play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities “


Play for peace, IPYG, Yuvsatta (An NGO), Prem Rawat Foundation, Peace one day (UK)