What do my fees pay for, and where do they go?

The fees are paid to the host family for food, accommodation, and various minor arrangements. 10% of the fee goes to office administration. (The fees are not applicable for local volunteers)

Fees are:

50 US dollars per week cover food and accommodation.


There is a $40 dollar fee for NFS to arrange airport pick-up, one night stay in Kathmandu, a tourist bus ticket to Chitwan, and a Nepali sim card. 

Optional 25 US dollar Project Donation.

A $25 dollar project donation is not compulsory but welcomed. The project donation supports children in community schools. Using this fund, NFS has been able to distribute lunchboxes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens, pencils, and notebooks where there is a need. 

for more details or questions please email Birendra Poudel Founder/Chairperson:   nfsngo@hotmail.com , info@nfs.org.np