The Organization, Nepal Friendship Society working areas are in various district of Nepal. The Organization aims on empowering the marginalized communities, Children, Youth through Education, workshop, training and supporting Green Sustainable Environment, supporting peace and Harmony as well as providing awareness on HIV/ Aids and drug related activities.


To improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people, raising awareness in community of Nepal by enabling Sustainable Development.


To enable equitable and sustainable Development by improvement of skill management and rising level of awareness in Local level.


By empowering marginalized communities with focus on Children, Youth & women through awareness program and community training to promote basic human right, equity and economic well-being.


Empowering and help children, Youth and woman within their communities through Education.

To promote community based sustainable development and friendly Environment practices.

To campaign Against HIV/AIDS and rising level of Awareness against Drug and smoking.

Providing Youth Leadership Program, helping youth role for peace and Harmony to promote basic human right, equity as well as economic well-being.

Organize youth Exchange and support for better change in local level through Volunteering.

Support and promoting beautiful place for Tourism through Domestic and International Tourism.

Problems and challenges:

-There are marginalized and poor children living in the community, they can’t effort any private Education in Nepal.

-Inequality. (Discrimination between boys VS Girls and Man VS Women)

-Level of awareness is very low

-Not well and scientific waste management.

- Girl Trafficking

- Environmental Pollution


-Drug Peddling

Some examples of drugs that can be harmful include:






Glue Solvents



Co-coordinating with Municipality, District development committee, community, schools, child clubs, and Youth clubs and organized the different programs in local level/district Nepal and national level.

Direct action strategy- NFS has own Learning center for free extra education for Poor and marginalized children. (Age 10-14) and advocacy in different issues like Environment, Empowerment, Drug abuse, HIV/AIDS etc


Community awareness-raising, involvement in prevention.

Outreach & assessment – identifying and engaging children needing support

Support free extra Education for poor students to uplift their education from NFS Learning center

Empowerment – Leadership Training, entrepreneurship skills training, School awareness program.

Legal referral service.

Public services referrals.

Local and national public authority’s awareness-raising, involvement, intervention.

Advocacy for awareness-raising and policy change with local/national government level.

School, community, women ’s groups are involved in environment clean and green campaign.