I finished my school 4 months ago. And know it is my opportunity to stand in front of six students. What is a good teacher? What is important? I said to myself. I want to be a teacher but in the same Way I want to be a friend.  Every morning I wake up, I go to the NFS learning Center room and I see these amazing children. “Good morning Mata, how are you?” – “Oh I am so fine thanks what about you?” Everyday starts like this and I always have a big smile on my face. These Kids give my so much. They have such an incredible energy. When I asked them about their future I get answers like: “I want to be a Doctor” or “I want to become a scientist”. I believe them and I believe that one day they will become Doctors and Scientists. All want to learn. They are so young but in the same way so adult. It is nice to see how everybody develops. Step by step. Some faster, some slower. Together we are doing homework, reading books, drawing or writing articles. The most time we have fun of course sometimes they start to speak loud and I have to say “Not so loud please” but I think this is quit normal. We all are only humans. I had a conversation with Birendra a couple of Days ago. He said one fantastic sentence: “For clapping hands we need two hands”. So I have the feeling that I have one hand and the students have the other hand. We are clapping hands really loud and it works.  Today I told them to write some sentences about the NFS learning centrum. I want to share some with you.

“Learning Center students’ names are Dipen, Rajiv, Sujan, Bipin, Alisha and I Pratima. Famous head teacher is Birendra Poudel. Thank you for all.” – Pratima Tamusyo

“Mata comes from Germany. Mata like Selroti and Haluwa.” – Bipin Lama

“NFS helps schools, colleges, village’s development committee etc. It was established in 2012. I am happy to go to learning centrum.” – Dipen B.K

“I am learning center student. Teacher is all to the best.” – Rajiv Nepali

As you can see. The children know about their great Opportunity to learn English. They are so grateful. But not only they. Me too. I am grateful to be a part of their lives and I will never forget them. I like the following pictures. One the one hand I try to be a good teacher. One the other hand I became a good friend.  I II