Press release :
International Youth Day 2015-Youth in Civic Engagement

Title: Interaction program on Youth engagement and development 
Date: Aug 12, 2015
Venue: Narayani Public Higher Secondary School, Bharatpur-11, Chitwan, Nepal

No. Of participants: 40 youth activist.

Coordinated Organization:

Nepal Friendship Society (


World Youth Foundation, JCYC Nepal, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Nepal

Organizers :

Echo Change Nepal
Leo Club of Chitwan Innovative
The Eco Minions(TEM)
Raise Hands Nepal
Clean Up Nepal Chitwan
Club of Environment Science Saptagandaki (CESS)
Who Does If We Wont’s

Introduction ::
International Youth Day occurs annually on Aug 12. The propose of engaging youth in their local, national and international level. In 1999, the UN general Assembly passing a resolution declaration on Aug 12 as International Youth Day.

We as a youth organized the interaction program on how to engage Nepalese Youth in different development sectors. We sought for an opportunity and challenges youth are facing in those concerned sectors.

Challenges of Nepalese Youth:

1. Youth Migration
2. Unemployment
3. Government Laws regulation and planning
4. Political Instability
5. Lack of opportunity

Opportunities for Nepalese Youth:

1. Youth involvement in Agriculture
2. Volunteer for different organization 
3. Engage in different social media or forum
4. Use ICTs for upliftment of social status

Youth engaged sectors in Nepal:

1. Environment and its conservation 
2. Sports
3. Peace and development
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Health Service
6. Journalism


Everyday youth are engaging in different sectors of society like economics, politics and for betterment of society. Yes youth are powerhouse of any nation for Change. Youth can change their range of engagement if they get opportunities to showcase their leadership.

According to National Youth Policy, no. of youth in Nepal are 38.8 %. It shows youth are major for changes of community and Nation. So today we focused on Youth related projects, which are bringing positive impacts for recently disaster-affected country, Nepal.

The program was successful and every youth from different sectors of development focused mainly on youth empowerment. We found out different sectors where youth can engage and also tried out to solve these challenges youth are facing in these concerned sectors.
Co-coordinator: Birendra Poudel